Monday, January 14, 2013

FLat nga PINK naman xD

FLat nga PINK naman is a Facebook page which is likewise linked to the page Kilabot Sa Ganda(KSG). It is a Filipino page. When we translate its designate to English, we came to know that its meaning is Pink was Flat Again. There are lots of admins of this page including me. There is a sequence between pages and there is a group named FNPN HAKOB Admins. Altogether, There are 74 member on this group with 1 new admin. It is a eminent Facebook page with numerous infatuation. Currently there are 216k likes which means 216,000 likes. It is very humiliate to make so much likes but with lively admin with effective post. It gains such achievement in less time.

    Mostly, We can behold the portray of lovely and hot babes with some funny videos. The Girls are fancy dinner and those funny videos are love the leave which is served after the dinner. Not only affection that it gives some knowledge about some Facebook facts. Just a days ago there was a post of making different icons in facebook post. I liked the post very much and i post in my blog too. We can sign it if you have missed. All are working one. We can go click on the text below to mark it.

I want to make icons in Facebook chat

It shows that it gives us entertainment by funny videos and awesome hot babes and anyhow gives knowledge about different facts which we can acquire on the internet or not in internet. The Ta-log language is used in the page. Most of the admin and page liker are from phillipines except me. I am every the away from the Nepal. The Page contains a lot of necessary facts and of routine with loads of  entertainment. Don't miss all those things handsome go to through this combine:

FLat nga PINK naman

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